Bandcamp Friday proceeds to BLRR

During previous editions of Bandcamp’s “Bandcamp Friday,” we at The Living Braindead have individually deferred you to purchase from other bands who may have needed the funds more than we did during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, with the recent social upheaval following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we have decided to take a different approach to this month’s edition of the program.

Bandcamp has been dedicating the first Friday of each of the last three months to waiving fees for artists who sell music and merchandise – like us – on the platform. As we were all mostly able to maintain employment during the coronavirus outbreak, we opted to put the focus on our fellow artists who may not have been so fortunate. This month, however, we have decided to take proceeds from all sales and donate them to a local charity here in Buffalo called Black Love Resists In the Rust.

Black Love Resists in Rust is the only intentional space for Black and Brown folks in Buffalo, and envision a Buffalo where communities are sustainable and have what they need to thrive without external assistance.

For more information on Black Love Resists In The Rust, please visit